Satisfaction, Retention, Prospecting

Specialising in retaining your customers, managing your customer satisfaction, and prospecting for new business in the automotive industry.

Our Solutions

Automated CRM
We automate data extracts, emails, SMS and calls to keep you continuously, instantly in touch and responsive to your customers’ needs during their life-cycle journey. Our data segmentation and targeted messaging techniques, ensure the right message is communicated at the right time, all the time.

Polar Bear Contact
Our irwinSolutions-designed, Contact Management solution, Polar Bear has reimagined customer relations to maximise effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability. It can be tailored to suit your needs and integrated into your existing processes.

We can transform your CRM processes by converting your data into rich actionable information on live dashboards, with cloud-based reporting – providing a pulse on performance and strategy insights for a competitive edge.

irwinSolutions' creative, tech-based approach runs through all aspects of managing your marketing processes, specialising in content creation, campaign design and management across multiple channels, to cut through the noise and keep your customers and prospects on-message.

Contact Centre
Power-up your CRM capability through our Sydney-based Contact Centre. From service bookings and prospecting campaigns to add profit and generate new business, to satisfaction surveys, we can do it all for your customer engagement.

How We Can Help

  • Lift your CRM interactivity, tracking and management to the next level.

  • We can help you refine, build or manage your CRM processes by employing our modern streamlining and automation techniques, custom built for your business, from data management to digital marketing and customer calls.

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How We Make a Difference

Customer Retention

Some dealerships have great ideas for CRM and customer service, but working by themselves, they are too busy to turn them into reality.

We help clients build robust, comprehensive customer retention processes that run like clockwork - including automating data extract, communicating via multiple channels over multiple time-frames, and timely reporting.

Our success comes from working alongside dealership management and staff to understand what works best for your business, guide you through implementation and provide good customer support afterwards.

customer satisfaction

We have transformed dealerships’ customer satisfaction processes by replacing outmoded practices (e.g. using handwritten details on hard copy job sheets) with our fully automated, responsive and reliable SMS and email communications, call management, reporting and benchmarking solutions.

Bottom line and business reputation have benefited exponentially along with efficiency.

Lifecycle Communications

If you want top class, targeted, high yielding marketing without the cost of running a full specialist marketing department, our holistic marketing services are on tap to help you shine.

We help manage all aspects of the marketing process for dealerships, specialising in content creation, digital animations, campaign design, database and social media marketing, keeping customers informed of new product launches and promotions.

Pre-Booking Solutions

Some dealerships may not have the resources, systems and expertise to run and manage a customer contact function internally.

We have a specialised and dedicated Australian team to look after your post-service follow-ups, service bookings, recalls, post-delivery follow-ups, anniversary contacts and sales prospecting.

This ensures your customer communication never misses a beat.